Egg Donation


The best egg donor is one who closely resembles the egg recipient. We recommend a family member, if possible. Best results are usually achieved from non-smokers with young eggs (that is, eggs from women younger than 33 years of age). 

Many of our patients recruit their own egg donors. There is no anonymity in these cases, but medical privacy is maintained. Sometimes, bonding may occur between a known egg donor and the recipient. The recipient is also available to help and assist the egg donor, as needed.

Alternatively, Olympia Fertility continuously recruits egg donors from its obstetrical population, as well as women who have been referred to our office for donation. These are usually very fertile women who are relatively young, and have completed their own families. This donation process can be kept anonymous. Medical, genetic, and family histories, as well as photographs of egg donors, are available at our office. The egg donor is compensated $3000 per cycle for the inconveniences of egg donation.

Egg donation is medically demanding. It requires daily injections for ten days, and five daily ultrasound exams. Although rare, there are complications associated with egg donation. These include: ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, internal bleeding, or infection. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires extensive communicable disease testing of egg donors. The cost of this testing is borne by the egg recipient. For any additional questions regarding egg donation, please contact our office.