Appointment Scheduling


Appointment Scheduling

Dr. Moruzzi will regularly arrive at the office each morning at 8:30 AM and after lunch at 1:30 PM. Scheduled appointments run between 8:30-noon, and 1:30-5. It is not uncommon for our appointments in the late morning  or afternoon to be delayed by emergencies, or by other appointments that require more time than originally scheduled due to medical complexity. If you would like an on-time appointment, you should try and schedule an appointment early in the morning, or early in the afternoon.


The Evening/Weekend Clinic

Appointments scheduled after 5 PM are for the evening clinic. Appointments to the evening clinic are often seen behind schedule, due to the volume of patients we have throughout the day.  Patients scheduled during the evening clinic hours usually must be seen same-day, and we stay until each patient has cared for. Infertility patients who must be seen will also be scheduled on Wednesdays after 5 PM, Saturdays after 8 AM, and Sundays after 10 AM.


Obstetrical Emergencies

If a patient is in labor, appointments may need to be rescheduled. Dr. Moruzzi is present for the delivery of every patient, and will stay with a patient for as long as necessary. If a delivery is particularly difficult, or lasts all night, appointments will be rescheduled to allow recovery time for the doctor. This is to ensure the highest quality of care to our patients.